Need the best defence?

In recent years, the number of individuals and businesses who have been prosecuted by HMRC for failure to comply with notices or regulations has significantly increased.

With this in mind, The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd (DDE) has joined forces with indirect tax consultancy Vincent Curley & Co Ltd and top legal firm DPP Law Ltd to form a Joint Venture.

Together we’re stronger

Known as DPP Curley Ltd, this new partnership has been designed to give you and your colleagues’ legal assistance and a stronger defence when you are undergoing investigations and enquiries from regulatory bodies including HMRC.

Why DPP Curley?

DPP Curley offers a holistic range of services to satisfy all your compliance, consulting and legal needs. With DPP Curley  you can be safe in the knowledge that a full range of leading experts are handling all areas of your business compliance and legal needs under one roof.

With over 50 years of specialist experience we can advise, help and support you at every stage with regulatory issues from compliance, investigations and seizure, as well as civil or criminal proceedings.

Our dedicated team focus on five key areas, giving you confidence and peace of mind that we’ll work tirelessly on your behalf to get the results you want.
Are you affected by a HMRC tax dispute resolution or fraud investigation? Are you struggling to meet your legal requirement under HMRC Notices and Regulations or know someone who is? For more information or help… get in touch with us today.
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